Used working platform: safety

The used working platforms from PMG Techniek are in excellent technical condition and offer a safe way to work on height, with great mobility and stability. You can choose many types of aerial working platform, depending on the job. PMG Techniek is happy to advise you about all the options of our used working platforms. As safety is a great priority for a second-hand working platform, it is important to have some guidelines. 

Take good preparations before working with an aerial working platform. 

Good preparations while working with a used aerial lift is important for the safety during a job. For working on height there a strict rules and safety always has to be priority number 1. 

  • Judge whether the situation on the work site in safe and if specific risks need to be taken into account.
  • Asses if the size of the working platform is sufficient for the job that needs to be done. Is there enough space to do the job properly?
  • Are other measures necessary? For instance, protective equipment and road and bystander measures.
  • Consult all the stakeholders before starting the job.

Check the used aerial working platform before using it.  

The used aerial working platforms of PMG Techniek come always with a CE-declaration of conformity and will have the CE-marking on the machine. All machines that leave our company have a recent safety inspection. However, always check your machine before the start of a job:

  • Make sure the operator manual is available for the person working with the aerial platform.
  • Every type of aerial lift has his own type of control. Check properly how the machine works before going to full height.
  • Make a checklist for a daily check-up. For instance, check the emergency buttons and the tyre pressure.

Work thoroughly and safe with your used aerial lift.

Hasty work increases risks. Especially when working with an aerial lift on height, this is something you don’t need. Make sure you create a work environment where all attention can be put into the work.

  • Make sure there is always one person on the ground, when somebody is working in the air. This person can assist in case of emergency. Also, if a malfunction occurs, there are always emergency controls at the undercarriage to lower the platform.
  • Keep the work site and the bucket clean and clear of any debris which can influence the machine or the job.
  • Immediately stop working when the weather changes for the worst, to make sure you are back on the ground on time.

To work with a used aerial working platform safety is key. The machine from PMG Techniek are all CE-marked machines, with a complete technical check-up and an up to date safety inspection. As every task asks for a specific machine, we are happy to advise you. Take a look at our stock or contact op.