2nd hand boom lift: Maintenance

Good maintenance of a used aerial working platform is very important to guarantee the safety. This maintenance consists of a daily check-up, periodically preventive maintenance and a yearly safety inspection. PMG Techniek only sells machines of the highest quality.

Check your aerial lift before using it

Working at a height comes with risks. Therefore, it is very important to check your working platform daily before you start with the job. Below you will find 7 points which are important to check every time before the using the aerial lift.

  1. Check the overall condition. Is there damage and if, does this influence the safety? Are all icons good visible and readable?
  2. Check the oil level and whether there are no leakages. Also have a look under the machine.
  3. Have a look at the tyres, is the pressure good and if there are no damages.
  4. Test the working of all controls.
  5. Is the platform free of debris and is the railing good?
  6. Does the machine have enough fuel? Also check the coolant level.
  7. Electrical machines work with traction batteries. Check if the batteries are fully loaded and if the loader is disconnected from 230V cable.

Periodically preventive maintenance

How often periodic maintenance should be done depends on the amount of hours a machine is used and in which condition this is. A used aerial working platform which is used on a daily basis in a wed environment needs more maintenance then a machine who is used once a month in clean conditions.
A periodic preventive maintenance check needs to be documented in the machine’s logbook. With this preventive maintenance you will extend the life of your used aerial working platform and decrease the risks.

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