Which service do we deliver?
Delivering service is also being of service. We are happy to be of service, because we believe in a long-term relationship with our customer.

Maintenance and safety inspection – Don’t let your aerial lift come to a standstill
In The Netherlands aerial working platform must get a safety inspection once a year. Besides the safety inspection it is also very important to do preventive maintenance at the machine, to preserve the continuity. An inspection body only inspects and does not make any fixes, which can lead to a rejection of the safety inspection. While waiting for repairs, your aerial working platform will be in an unnecessary standstill. PMG Techniek B.V. can combine the safety inspection, maintenance and repairs, in The Netherlands, at every location as a service. This way you will safe costs and your aerial lift will stay in a good condition.

Advice – how to use an aerial working platform as efficient as possible?
When purchasing a used aerial working platform people tend to overlook what a machine exactly can. But even more often it is not seen what a machine can’t do. PMG Techniek has the experience and knowledge to translate variables as horizontal reach, battery capacity and weight into the best choice for your needs. For free, as a service, to make sure you get the most out of your used aerial lift.

Quality Service – because we believe in our work
Every aerial working platform that leaves PMG Techniek meets our high-quality standards. This standard not only guarantees safety and functionality, but also optical quality. A service which we guarantee.