Selling used aerial lifts in great condition. 

The purchase of a new aerial working platform is expensive, just like renting a machine starting from some months. Therefore more and more companies choose to buy an used aerial lift. PMG Techniek B.V. is specialized in filtering only high end aerial lifts (like Genie, JLG, Manitou and Nifty) from the market. Next our team will do a compleet overhaul on every machine, to make sure they are functioning technically 100%, are completely safe in use and even optical in top condition (even in your company colors). This way, you are purchasing a 'new' aerial lift, ready for many years, but for the price of an occasion.  

Buy the right type of aerial lift. 

With the purchase of an aerial working platform it is very important to choose the right machine for your specific job. Every aerial lift has its own specific characteristics and properties which make him suitable for an exact job. For instance platform capacity, a high capacity makes him suitable for heavy installation work, but it  decreases the horizontal reach. PMG Techniek B.V. has the knowledge and experience to give you the right advise about which used aerial lift fits the best to your wishes and needs. Our stock is wide and constantly changing, to make sure you will always find the aerial working platform that does the job for you.